Above Ground Pool Cost

The average above ground swimming pool costs $1,500 without installation and ranges from $350 to $9,500 depending upon the brand, size, and any additional features. 

This calculator will allow you to get a ballpark cost estimate for an above ground swimming pool based on its size and shape. As with inground pools, there are LOTS of options to choose when you buy a pool. Therefore, this tool is only going to provide a very rough estimate. But hopefully you can use it to determine if a swimming pool is something you can afford or not.

Here’s What You Can Expect to Pay for an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Installing a brand new above ground swimming pool can be a great way to improve your summer festivities. You own the luxury of having a pool you can use whenever you want, regardless of the time of day. You will be able to relax, play, host parties, and just cool off whenever you feel like it, without the expense and more permanent commitment that an in-ground pool brings

kids playing in pool

In this article, we will go over the major associated costs with setting up an above-ground pool including some ways you can save money on installation as well as other tips that will make sure your pool will last a long time to come.

Consider This When Buying an Above Ground Pool

The first major thing to consider is how large an above-ground pool that you want and where it will be situated in your yard. Remember, just because the pool is larger does not mean it’s automatically better. Consider again if you really need a large pool or if it would make more sense to purchase a smaller one that may be more durable, as it may cost you less money as the years go by for maintenance. Don’t go with something too cheap, as you might end up regretting it in a few years or even a season’s time.

Once you’ve selected your pool, measure the area in your yard where you are considering setting the pool up to be sure you have enough room. Remember to measure to be sure you have enough room. Ideally, your site is already level and ready for your pool. Otherwise, you may need to rent equipment to create a level site for your pool, or you could hire a landscaper company to do it for you. 

Don’t forget to plan for safety. In the middle of assessing all the costs involved in purchasing and installing your above-ground pool, you will want to consider safety features that reduce the chances of accidents occurring. Consider purchasing items such as a fence, a ladder, and a pool cover. These three things will give you all the basic safety measures. You may also want to consider more advanced safety features such as a surface alarm that will go off if a person or animal falls into the water. You may save money by assembling and installing these things yourself rather than hiring a professional.

Pool decks are optional, however, they are encouraged. They add to the aesthetic as well as the functionality of your above-ground pool. You will be able to not only relax in the pool but also by the pool. Not to mention it is also safer to have a flat surface around the pool to lessen the risk of falls.

Pool Cost Breakdown

Depending on how much planning you’ve done ahead of time, preparing the site might not cost you anything at all. You can save a lot of money if you do the cleaning and landscaping yourself aside from the cost of renting any necessary equipment.  

Costs involving the assembly and installation of your above-ground pool depend on whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring someone to either assist or do the entire assembly for you. In that case, you will need to factor in the standard rate the professional team charges as well as possibly the distance they’re traveling as that may add to the cost as well. 

Depending on where you live and the size of your pool, you may need to obtain a permit for your above-ground pool. Permit costs can vary widely depending on where you live. For example, a permit for a 500 square foot pool in California will cost around $200. More costs will be incurred if you hire a company to obtain a permit on your behalf. This may be preferable and worth the cost if you’re not familiar with the process of getting one.

Save Money with an Above Ground Swimming Pool

A smaller pool means a smaller amount of work needs to be done as well as keeping future maintenance costs lower. You can save thousands of dollars by going for a smaller, sometimes better-made option. To get a good estimate of how much an above ground pool costs, use the calculator on this page.

If you’re really serious about saving money, you can not hire any outside help at all. You will only be paying for the equipment you rent to get the plot ready, the cost of the permit (if needed), and any additions you want to add to the pool.

By not buying anything besides the most important essentials, you can have a nicer pool that costs less overall. You can always pay for a larger deck or hot tub later. 

Consider quality when adding up the costs of your new pool. Even if it costs a bit more upfront, you will save money long-term by choosing an above-ground pool made of stronger and more reliable materials. This could add years of enjoyment to your experience.


Ultimately there are more costs to consider when planning for your above-ground pool than what might first appear. You will want to do some careful planning to assess the full cost prior to committing to anything. By doing so, you will ensure you and your family will enjoy years of trouble-free summertime fun in your new swimming pool.